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Friday, 25 September 2009

Energy Credit Sim

I've worked some more on the Energy Credit Sim. I have added in the stats manager class so now the system records events going on and will save the to a csv file at the end. That makes it easy to load up the stats and gain some idea of what went on. Now the code needs longer testing just to make sure it does what I think it should do. I will also need to write a user manual so other people can use it. After that we will need to design some experiment to see how a moneyless society using energy credits might work.


Friday, 18 September 2009

Off to England!

I have done some more work on the energy credit sim. I have added in a class that keeps track of statistics in the sim. I have almost completed it, when I get a bit more time I hope to finish it off. I just have to write a bit of code that outputs the stats to a file so we can analysis them. After that I plan to run a number of test to make sure the code works and does what we thing it should do before starting some experiments.

In the mean time, I received an invitation to travel to the Zeitgeist / Venus Project event in London in October. So I shall pop over there and giver a presentation of NET and meet up with other interesting folk and hopeful we will have some good opportunities to work with others towards a better, sustainable moneyless sociality.

At UmeƄ University we showed the "Future by Design" film. The film has Jacque Fresco as the subject matter. It went well and we had a quite a few people turn up.

In addition, we have our weekly loglan meeting up and running again after the holidays. We have had then running for a few weeks now every Saturday in second life.


Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Back from holiday!

I have had a nice long summer holiday :) Now I'm back and I'm getting on top of things again. I have mainly worked on the business plan for a translation company. The translation company will not exist for the purpose of making a profit, but any money it does make should go back into NET and help towards the proto-technate. I have sent the plan around to people for comment and I hope we can have a talk about it this weekend at the next NET meeting.