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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lecturing at Umeå University

Some months ago I revived an invitation to speak at Umeå University of the subject of "Alternative Socioeconomics" from UpF (a student political interest group). I thought it very nice to get such an invite :)

The lecture talked about why we need to look at alternative socioeconomics (looking at exponential growth) then went on to resent EOS and The Venus Project as two alternatives. I then looked at implementation plans. At then end I left space for questions and answers and the student bombarded me with quite a few of them!

I did the lecture last week and it went well even if it was not my best performance (I had a cold at the time). I received an email yesterday saying that it sparked quite a bit of discussion!

I hope I will get the opportunity to do more lectures, perhaps at other Universities?


Racing snails

Well, at least some times it does feel like that! We make progress but we make such slow progress! On the NPO front we have decided on a name for the translation company; "nu ridle". Which means "readable" or "something that you read" in Loglan. Now we need to actually form the company. We have someone working on that now; filling in the forms and registering the company. Next we will need a web page then get some customers so we can have some money input into building communities and start moving away from this money based system!