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We aim to build a network of experimental sustainable communities to demonstrate that we do have a sustainable alternative to our current socioeconomic system. Want to help us build for a sustainable future? Please donate what you can:

Who are we and what do we want?

EOS is a group that aims to build a moneyless, sustainable, world around civilisation based on science. We want to build things, test things and show the world that we can live well in balance with nature and without money. 

To do that we need your help and your skills.  Do you have expertise in web design, administration, engineering, computers, programming, etc.? Would you like to help? Contact us ( of join us on Facebook or Google+

Have a look at our vision of the future.

Read more about our design and ideas.

If you like what we aim for, why not set up your own local group? Ask us for help.

For more reading on similar ideas have a read of A World Without Money and The First Civilization.

Come and join us and let’s build a better future together!

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