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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


EOS - European Organisation for Sustainability. Aiming to build a moneyless sustainable society.

The word "technocracy" means "rule of the skilled", in other words it means a system of government where the people who can make competent decisions get to make those decisions. Such a system differs greatly form our current oligarchy where we have elected representatives who get elected, as it appears to me, because they look good on TV or make nice sounding promises not because they have the competence to actually do something. Often it appears to me they only have any competence in looking after themselves (ever met a poor politician?). So, to me "technocracy" would signify something positive, a break from our current self disructive system to something better.

Unfortunately, not every body see it in such a positive light. The word "technocracy" has gained a negative connotation with people using it as an insult or thinking it means "techno-fascism" (far from the actual meaning the word). This means people often jump to conclusions about the type of sustainable sociality NET proposes and don't even listen to what we say. We have known of this problem for some time but we were unable to come up with an alternative - until now!

We have agreed to change NET to EOS - European Organisation for Sustainability. Not only does that represent what we aim to achieve for our society but also as the name "Eos" refers to the Greek Goddess of the dawn the name also symbolises the new dawn of a new sustainable, moneyless, civilisation that we envision.

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