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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Lecturing at Umeå University

Some months ago I revived an invitation to speak at Umeå University of the subject of "Alternative Socioeconomics" from UpF (a student political interest group). I thought it very nice to get such an invite :)

The lecture talked about why we need to look at alternative socioeconomics (looking at exponential growth) then went on to resent EOS and The Venus Project as two alternatives. I then looked at implementation plans. At then end I left space for questions and answers and the student bombarded me with quite a few of them!

I did the lecture last week and it went well even if it was not my best performance (I had a cold at the time). I received an email yesterday saying that it sparked quite a bit of discussion!

I hope I will get the opportunity to do more lectures, perhaps at other Universities?


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