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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

New Hydroponic System

This is my new hydroponic system.  That I got a new pump last year second hand which has a bit more power than my last pump.  Also, I have a number of small buckets which it can connect and disconnect instead of one large bucket as last year.  This makes the system a bit more modular or have I can extend this next year.
Smaller buckets

The new pump

The timer used to start the pump twice a day


  1. Hydroponic + fish poo it aquaponics. food production in this aquaponic system it more nature drive and organic. use more efective the resourses. I am doing aquaponics for some times now.

  2. I imagine given the normal process of photosynthesis, water escapes this system. How do you ensure the plants don't run dry? Just maintain a water level in the buckets manually?

  3. Jure, yes. I just fill up the water once a day.

    Ricardo, agree so I want to try that next year.