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Friday, 28 February 2014

all a matter of time!

Ok, not our dome but we can dream!

I have had complaints that I haven’t written much for a while now; both here and on the Facebook page. I have had few reasons for that. First, I wanted to wait till we had something interesting to write about regarding the bio dome and now we have. We have finally received funding and have started to get the build process underway. We hope to have the dome up during the summer. So a big well done to all those who have put the effort in to get us this far!

Unfortunately, we don’t have full funding yet so the internals will have to wait till we get more funding.

Second; a lot of what I have to say I have said. We have put together our ideas into the Design and now, rather than writing, we want to start doing something. Also, I want other people to contribute. We, as in EOS, do not pretend we have the one and only perfect solution and the holonic design allows others to contribute their ideas as well.  As long as we work towards the same goals and work within the bounds of tolerance and stick to the core ideas we have room for many alternative approaches. To that end, I have seen a lot of activity on the Facebook pages where many people have thrown in all kinds of ideas and possibilities. Now we need to start building things. 

So, thing have really started taking off since we started in 2004 but things still move slowly.

Which brings me to another problem; time. We have the idea of testing things out, of experimenting, as we both take a scientific approach and as no group proposing an alternative socioeconomic system actually know what will and will not work. However, the more time passes the more we destroy the Earth and the more we run out of resources. So, I’m beginning to think about complementing our main idea. What would it take to get other people in other place on the planet to start testing out our ideas as well? What would it take to get other people to start building something? To start forming a network with us? The more of us who start building the more of us will start getting things done!

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