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Thursday, 21 May 2009

meetings, meetings and meetings!!!

I've have had a somewhat busy time with meetings just recently. First we had the NET AGM in UmeƄ, Sweden. That went really well. It was good to meet up with people I have worked with for years but have never met in RL!I think close communications like that enabled us to sort out our ideas more clearly then we ever have just on the forum. I gave a talk on the design and what we need to do next as well as a talk on Loglan.

The second meeting was over the Net with a group in Australia. This was part of a meeting at the Foresight Innovation & Sustainability Hothouse held in Sydney. I gave a very short talk on our ideas in NET for building a sustainable society based around a network of communities called a proto-technate. I then answered some questions from the audience there. The whole talk was only a few minutes but it went well with some good questions.

The third meeting will happen this weekend. I'm giving a talk in Extropia, Second Life on money to the Imagine network. The talk will concentrate on why we cannot sustain our current system and, therefore, why we should look at alternatives.


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