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Monday, 9 March 2009

Energy Credit Sim

I have done some more work on the energy credit sim. I have now implemented all the classes so its just a case of linking it all together and getting to work. When I have done that I will make the code public and we can all have a look at it. We want to look at what does it do and what do we want to get from it.

The idea behind the energy credit sim has to do with simulating a resourced based economy that uses energy accounting as a means of resource allocation. Although the idea was proposed many decades ago not one has done any serious work in investigating whether or not this system will work. So, though simulation we hope to show that the system can work and also to see what kinds of problems might occur in such a system.

Energy accounting forms our proposal for replacing money. We (NET) argues that any sustainable socioeconomic system can not use money as money leads to system that doesn't balance with nature. We only have to look at the profit and greed in our current system to see the destruction that results in our world. Allocating resources based on what we physically have forms part of a way for us to balance our needs with the ecosystem. We would no longer have the profit motive nor the ability to "get rich", thus we could build products to last, reduce demand and reduce our impact on the world.

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