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Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Proto-technate update

The proto-technate forms an experimental platform for technocracy and a stepping stone towards a future hi-tech sustainable moneyless society. As we plan to implement it so far involves the construction of a network of communities and a set of interface companies we, in Umeå, have started working on building up the interface companies.

The aim to embed the proto-technate within the current socioeconomic system but to operate internally with an alternative socioeconomic system based on energy credits. The interface companies have the purpose of interacting with the out side omoney world.

Our first attempt to form an company takes the form of a translation company. We have some degree of experitise in that area here in Umeå. At the moment I am working on the business plan and making some progress. If all goes well I hope to have a draft copy ready for next week.


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