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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Energy Survey

This week I have concentrated ion the energy survey. The energy survey project has to goal of assessing the resource in Europe to see whether or not we have the resource base to establish a full technate. So far we have conducted a survey of the solar potential of Europe which shows that Europe has the capacity to produce all its energy needs from solar energy. Currently I am working on the next step of the survey; food production and consumption.

I have collect date for the food part and I have started on putting the data together. I do have some problems with the data as a consumption category does not all ways match with a production category, like "grapes" in production and "wine" in consumption. So I'm having to do the best I can to match consumption with production. Despite a few problems, the data does appear at this point in time to show that Europe has the capacity to produce its own food with the exeption of some more luxury items such as coffee.


  1. Could you do a "front to end analysis" of the infrastructure required for implementing synthetic oil? I am dying to quote a sound cost analysis, and see a projection of cost analysis graph in the next decades. The price of producing algic oil will slowly go down and at some time intersect with mineral oil. The question is, will the two meet when society and citzens still has enough affluence to buy cars?

  2. At the moment I'm only working with small installations such as a couple of bottles .. err ... I mean photo bioreactors and a bit of tubing. Not sure if I know enough at this stage to do any real in-depth analysis.