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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Oil Algae

I had a meeting yesterday with a microbiologist and she was very helpful giving advice on algae that I could use for my oil algae experiments. She recommended either Rhodomonas Sp, Chlamydomouas or Scendesmus as good starign algae. They all grow in frees water and I should have no trouble growing them. She has also given me contact information to talk to some other scientist who might help.

Oil algae has an interest to NET as we aim for a sustainable solution to today's problems due to our current socioeconomic system as it allows us to produce bio-diesel in less area than other crops for more oil. Thus presenting a better solution than today's distructive means of producing bio-diesel.


  1. If you had a big enough population you could work to include an evolutionary selection criterium and some substance that triggers increased mutation.