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Sunday, 15 March 2009


This weekend just gone I managed to get my hydroponics experiment set up. This year I will just grow lettuce. Hydroponics becomes interesting from a sustainability perspective because it allows us to grow food where we would not have the ability other wise. We could grow food in the cities, thus cutting down on transportation, and grow food vertically, thus cutting down on the need for extra land, without having soil and its associated problems (such as disease). Most hydroponics utilises pumps to circular the nutrient solution. I have the purpose of investigating a low energy solution for hydroponics which involves using a reservoir that I fill up at weekly intervals. The liquid then slowly leaks into a box containing a growing medium and plants.

In addition, I have also started exploring geodesic domes again. I have the intention to exam how the angles work through building a small wooden dome. I also have an appointment with a micro biologists this coming Wednesday to talk about oil algae and the Umeå group has a showing of Zeitgeist II this evning.

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